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So, here comes the freebie! I don't know what's with me and gradients, but I really love playing with them lately. Well, I guess, I'm still heavily influenced by my latest crush at the moment. Speaking of crushes, Valentine's Day is getting near, and I've seen blogosphere started to fill with pink, hearts, flowers, and chocolates. I'm loving it! Are you? So, I decided to contribute by making + sharing this Valentine's Day card with you guys. Download it, print it, and give it to someone special that gives you butterflies in stomach!

ps: Free heart brushes for you to play!
pps: The second installment of #BlogLove will be up this weekend!

16 From Closet Into Blog (#BlogLove Week 1)

Do you have a plan to give your blog a makeover? Great! As promised, this month I'm going to start a mini series called #BlogLove (since February is all about love and your blog also deserves some love) where I will share some tips on how to improve + personalize your blog design. There will be one post every week, so keep watching this space for more. Here's what I'm planning to do:

Week 2: Choosing fonts - How to pair Google web fonts that suits your style
Week 3: DIY - Things you should do to improve your blog design
Week 4: Premade templates + blog designers - Where to find the perfect one for you?

From Closet Into Blog (#BlogLove - Week 1) - yuniquelysweet.com

Before you create a design, first you need to decide what kind of style you're going to use for your blog. The easiest way is to follow the current trends. Sure, that's cool. But, I think your blog design should reflect you. Why? Because it will make you unique + different from millions of bloggers out there.

Okay, then where to start? First, take a look around you! Well, I specifically want you to peek into your own closet. What is more perfect to represent you other than your clothes? As the saying goes, "you are what you wear". And the great news is that it's totally doable to incorporate your wardrobe into your blog design. No worries, I'll show you how.

Things you need to observe

Color - Now open your closet and look closely at all of your items you have in there. What colours are they? Is there any certain colour dominating the rest? Pick that one along with two or three other top colours. And voila, you have your very own colour palette for the design. 

Pattern - You can ignore this if all of your clothes and the likes are simply plain. But, for you who likes patterned clothing, this is the chance to bring more fun into your design. On top of my head, you can use your favourite pattern as background for the whole layout or sidebar or header. Whatever. Just make sure you don't go too crazy and end up making a too-flashy design for your blog. Remember, balance is the key!

Style - Are you a minimalist? Or do you like retro? Perhaps you're more into preppy style? Well, this is maybe the ultimate thing you need to pay attention more, so you can decide whether you should go with minimal or whimsical? Modern or vintage?


To inspire you, I gathered some fashion styles + their application on a few blogs around the web.

From Closet Into Blog (#BlogLove - Week 1) - yuniquelysweet.com
(1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6)

In the closet: simple basic shapes, minimal detail, black and white, other neutral solid colours.
Tips: Keep everything neat + clean. Black on white is easier to read on the web, so use black for the text and white for main background. Apply black for borders to frame your layout and divide each post/widget in your sidebar.

From Closet Into Blog (#BlogLove - Week 1) - yuniquelysweet.com
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

In the closet: bold and bright colours, playful patterns, fun accessories, unique cuts.
Tips:  Your favourite bright colours are perfect to emphasize text for headings (post title, widget title, etc). If you are not brave enough to fill your main background with patterns, you can use it as ornamental pieces, for your social media buttons, or background to spice up your sidebar.

From Closet Into Blog (#BlogLove - Week 1) - yuniquelysweet.com
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

In the closet: lace, sheer, ruffle, mini skirts, flowing dresses, floral prints, soft and pastel colours.
Tips: Play with your lace to give some textures to your blog. Bring your floral prints into your header, post header or footer as decorative elements. If you want to go with simple + clean look, just take the colours and you can still get the same feminine, romantic feeling for your blog.

Your turn! Based on your closet, what would your blog design look like?

16 Excited for February

Excited for February - yuniquelysweet.com

Hello, fabulous people of the internet!

I know I shouldn't even wonder why time flies so fast, but man I can't help it! How come we're in the end of January already? Though, I gotta say that January has been good to me. Since it was all about start anew, it lifted my spirit to do anything better. I managed to post every week, and actually got great responses for this post. I finally made up my mind and bought a custom domain (yay!). Although it still needs a few tweaks, I fixed my layout to be mobile friendly (did you notice?). Then, happy to find that my blog has been mentioned and shared in two blogs this month (Day Jobs and Dreams and Saturday Love Sunday) which doesn't happen a lot to an unknown blogger like moi. Haha

That's why I'm excited for February to happen. Because I want to do more and also have things I want to share with you guys. Things like, a new column for the blog which I hope would be helpful + inspiring and new themes for the shop (finally!). I even created this calendar wallpaper (btw, how beautiful that brush font is?) to show my excitement and make you feel the same way about February. ;) If you like it, you can find download links down below.

So, how are you doing so far in January? Are you looking forward to February as well?

Excited for February - yuniquelysweet.com

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14 Blog Crush: Salted Ink

Blog Crush: Salted Ink - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

What and Who?

This time we have Salted Ink - a design studio based in North Carolina. Sara is the main woman behind it. She is specializing in graphic, print, and web design. You have likely seen her work on Pinterest already because they're scattered all over there. I've been wanting to share this for so long since day one Sara presented her then brand new website back in July last year (!). It might not be the hippest web design on the net, but it sure has its won charm that knocked my socks off.

Why the Crush?

Well, it is very refreshing to see Sara's website/blog around the blogosphere. Its sleek design inspired by mid-century style makes the experience of browsing around her blog really pleasant. White space on this blog is spot on. It creates clean and crisp look. And how fun that gradient background is? It's pretty, too. Sara used subtle colours such as mint and cream that bring coastal vibe (a part of her main inspiration, btw) to her blog. Then, by adding over-layered elements here and there (which I think is a nice touch), she made her site look fun without cluttering it so much. Smart!

Now can we please talk about the typography? I specially want to talk about the font Sara used for body copy (ex: text in blogposts). Sweet Sans Medium is the font, a clean sans serif which is apparently popular in stationery world. This is actually the first time I've come across this font, and I really like it. It's easy-on-eye even in small size like Sara applied for her blog, and also very modern-looking.

Blog Crush: Salted Ink - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

The Hottest Point

I'm not going to rave so much about it since everything I am going to point out here is very obvious - you cannot miss. First, the unique angled cut of each side her layout. Cool, right? Second, how she displayed her menu bar. It's unusual from the usual horizontal bar we've all seen around. Ah, so much inspiration found in one little blog! Well, now you can see why I love this design.

Connect With the Blogger

Do you know that Sara is currently expecting a baby? Go and say hi to her: blog // facebook // twitter // instagram // pinterest.

Now your turn, what do you think of Sara's blog? Have you ever heard about her?

ps. Check out this fun playful blog that will sweep you off your feet!

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