8 Christmas Patterns

Christmas Patterns - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

We're now halfway through December, and Christmas is literally just around the corner. I bet by now that your surrounding is already high with Christmas spirit. The festive decoration and lighting, songs full of joy, and all the jolly things you usually find in this season.

Despite all the festivities going on out there, I do notice the lack of the atmosphere around here. So...to spice up this little blog of mine, I came up with 3 patterns in 3 colours. All is Christmas related, of course. Well, I bundled them all up as a Photoshop pattern. But, I also included their png files in the package just in case you don't use Photoshop. Link for the download is down below. Use them as you like, and have fun! :)

Christmas Patterns - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com


6 New Face For New Year

New Face For New Year - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

One of my goals this year is to give my blog a new look. And thank God I could fulfill it before the year end. After going through a long (loooongggg) battle with a create-destroy-recreate design cycle, I finally decided to go with a super simple one column layout. Yep, sidebar is gone, people! Honestly, it was not easy to find a courage to say goodbye to it. But, I think it's looking good, so of course it's worth it.

Let's talk more about it!

Well, I'm still using the types from the previous design. The same goes for the colour palette. Though, this time I'm using more dark shades than the light grey as I did in the old design. So, what's new? One column layout, float + accordion menu on top right, a new arrangement of post header and post footer, and footer with some useful gadgets. And for now I'm still debating whether or not I should add an auto read-more function. We'll see.

New Face For New Year - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

I got this feeling that a little tweak here and there is still needed, especially since I'm thinking of making it more mobile friendly. I don't know. Again, we'll see. Haha. But, at this point I am certainly happy with its general look. Much more simple and cleaner - just as I like it. (And hopefully you too). 

New design, (almost) new year. This whole new thing really makes me excited. Yeah guys, I'm definitely back for good!

(Oh and guys? Could you please do me a favour? If you find something out of place or some button doesn't work at your end, please let me know.)

9 Geometric Social Icons

I'm not so sure if geometric is in or out now. What I'm sure is that it always gives fun + unique touch to anything you design. That includes your blog design. Well, of course, not everyone is really comfortable to put it into a big part of design, however, you can always use it for small details. Something like social media buttons! 

Lucky for you that today I'm sharing some geometric buttons as freebies. And they are in Autumn colours, because that's the season our blogosphere is in right now! Okay, here is the download link, feel free to grab them. These buttons came in a rather large size (100 x 100 px), so you might want to re-size them first to fit your need. You can use Photoshop to do so if you have one. If not, I recommend you use Pixlr - an online photo/graphic editor. It's totally free! 

So, tell me, is geometric still in or out?

5 Fontastic 07: Getting Better On Typography

Fontastic 07: Getting Better On Typography - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

Greetings, people!

Okay, my Fontastic post this time is a bit different than usual. You know, I normally don't do a link-up post here. However, I've came across some really good posts about typography that I find it impossible not to share with you guys. These post are written by some experienced creatives and bloggers who are so generous to let us pick their brains. I have gathered them here together, so I hope you'll gain some knowledge and get a little better on typography.

5 Font Crimes You Should Not Commit
Carmia shares some common mistakes people do when work with type. Just make sure you read it carefully and try not to commit these crimes. Or else you'll end up ruining your supposed-to-be-beautiful design.

If you read Carmia's post, you must have noticed these terms mentioned in it. This post from Creative Market gives you more explanation about these essential elements of typography. Even better, it also shows you how to adjust them on Photoshop.

A font can tell you many things about a product, a person, or a project. So, it's crucial to find the right one for whatever you design. Let's hear what Laura has to say on finding the perfect style for her clients - which you can totally apply for your clients or yourself (and your blog).

10 Typography Tips for Your Blog Photos
This post is full of fabulous tips. Barbara covers some basic guides to get the best use of type for your blog photos. From making better font choices, to combining ones with your photos. I totally recommend any new bloggers to read this post. It will help you create appealing graphics for your blog.

Fake Great Handwriting
Last but not least. Here's a fun little post with quick tips on how to practice + get good at handwriting.

What do you think about these links I shared here? Did you find them useful? Is there any great post about typography you read recently?

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