26 August 2014

Extremely happy that I finally found a solution to the problem I had for a while ago that prevented me to expand my blog design service. Hooray! Now I'm still working on it. And I really can’t wait to share more with you, guys.

Still, kind of scared + anxious of what I’m getting myself into. There is so much what-if's going on in my head right now. While the unknown gets me excited, it can be a little intimidating, too.

But, grateful to have such a supportive family on my side, helping me to keep moving forward and giving me their full support to do what I want to do. I can’t thank them enough of what they’ve done for me.

OK. This post is maybe a bit sentimental from the usual. But, I need to get it out. I think it’s healthy to share our feelings with others every now and then. Right?

Fontastic 06: Tall + Retro

22 August 2014

Fontastic 06: Tall + Retro -

Hello guys! Today I'm back here to to bring you another round up of free fonts. Two words: retro fonts. Oh they are very fun fonts! They always have a cool + eye-catching design that give a unique touch to your work. No wonder these fonts can be found in almost everything around you, from your favourite blog to your favourite bakery in town. And here are my favourite retro fonts (tall retro fonts, to be exact) that I gathered specially for you.

Left to right:
Verve, Astrud, Blake, Passion, November Sky, Andes, Paulistana, and Noir-et-Blanc.

Do you have any favourite retro fonts you'd like to share with me? Tell me in the comment! :) Well, have a great weekend, guys!

Chic Girl - Premade Blogger Template (Closed)

9 August 2014

Chic Girl - Premade Blogger Template -

Happy happy weekend! How are you doing, guys? I hope you are all doing great wherever you are. I know I have been a little quite for the past week. But, it’s because I have been focusing myself on this little project of mine, so I didn’t really network + engage that much.

So…what is this project I’m talking about?

As you may know, I have shared some free templates awhile back. Since then I’ve been receiving quite a few emails from lovely people asking if I would share any free template again. So, today is the day. Yes, I decided to giveaway a premade Blogger template for you guys.

Chic Girl is a template that has super simple + minimal design with grey colour palette. I was really excited when I designed this template, since it’s the kind of blog design I really love. Although, lately I found myself getting attracted to the blogs with splash of fun colour here and there like my recent blog crush. Anyway, this template has 2 columns, categories, custom search bar, and the post area has width of 675px.

Like in the past, this offer is limited. It’s only available for one week, starting from today until August 17. If this template is your style, then leave a comment, tell me your email address + blog url. I’ll send you the template as soon as I can.

I hope this will help anyone in need who doesn’t have a budget to give her/his blog a good look. So, don’t forget to share this with your blogger friends, guys!


You guys are the best. Seriously. I'm so overwhelmed by the responses I got for this template. Thank you so much guys for using it. I hope it will help you boost your online presence. :) Well, I just said my thanks and everything. It means this offer is officially closed now. Again, thanks for these great people below! You rock!

ATTENTION: The offer is closed now. Meaning, I do NOT give it away for free anymore. However, I do offer custom blog design, and I'm happy to help you. You can start by looking at some blogs I've done on my Portfolio page. Please contact me if you're interested in working with me. Anyway, thank you for the interest! :) 

Blog Crush: Mrs. Lilien

31 July 2014

Blog Crush: Mrs. Lilien -

What and Who?

Once again another blog of a graphic designer has caught my heart. The said designer is Kelley Lilien, a creative director + an author of Mrs.Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook. And the blog is called Mrs.Lilien. It is a lifestyle blog dedicated to good life in a modern ladylike style. 

Why the crush?

I have to say that it was another love at first sight. I was totally mesmerized by its unique design and its colour choice when I first landed on this blog. The header area is a definite attention grabber. Oh, that asymmetrical navigation bar is my favourite thing ever! We all agreed that creating a good first impression is so important for anything, including blogs. I'm sure this blog has no problem with that. Once you set your eyes on it, it will make you want to stay and see what it has to offer. Or even just to enjoy the rest of the look of this blog or those fun magazine-like images that decorate every single post.

I know bright and vibrant colours are not for everyone, especially in this black/white and pastel trend. I myself usually prefer those black/white types. But, this blog deserves an appreciation. I actually really like the boldness of the design. And how Kelley created lots of white space to balance it and make a room to breathe, so the blog doesn't look heavy. Also, I like that despite the retro theme, you can still catch a hint of modern feel in overall design. All of it makes this blog interesting and different from the crowd. 

Blog Crush: Mrs. Lilien -

Being an arbiter of the elusive ladylike pleasure, Kelley added some decorative elements, such as bling-bling thingy, red lips, fancy spectacles, and delicate hand, to emphasize the ladylikeness. Make the blog look more fun, fun, fun! Beside that, channeling a secret message through your blog design to make people aware what you're all about is a very plus point. ;)

To most of graphic designers, blog is a part of portfolio. That is why it's important to sneak their styles into their blogs. So their visitors, who might become potential clients, can know if they're a good match without even looking at their actual portfolios. Kelley has successfully injected her own style into Mrs.Lilien. Her blog reflects exactly what kind of work she usually does: playful design with cheerful colours.

The Hottest Point

You know those hip cafes that throw random furniture together here and there, yet somehow everything looks good together and makes sense? That's how I feel about Mrs.Lilien blog. Every widget, every detail has its own design, different from one another (while normally blog layout is designed in pattern). But if you look at them as whole, they work and are very nicely put together. This, in my opinion, is the hottest thing of this blog design. Period.

Blog Crush: Mrs. Lilien -

Connect with the Blogger

Check her out and be friends: blog - portfolio - twitter - facebook - pinterest - google plus - instagram.

So...that is my blog crush of the month. What do you think of it? Did you find its plus point like I did? Or it's just not your type? Tell me, tell me!