Fruit Patterns

24 July 2014

Fruit Patterns -

Aloha! It's freebie time today, guys!

Summer is still a hot topic in the blogosphere right now, so I decided to join the crowd as well, bringing some summery stuff on the table. Here I have some fruit patterns for Photoshop to share with you guys. I really had fun drawing them and playing with colours.

Fruit Patterns -

Watermelon was the first fruit coming to my mind when I was thinking about summer. I think this juicy and sweet fruit is quite iconic and very refreshing for summer. And looks cute on paper, too.

Fruit Patterns -

Pineapple! Another favourite fruit of mine. It's very easy to find here all year long. I think we never have a shortage of it. Haha. Anyway, this pattern is my absolute favourite! This fruit has unique texture that makes it so fun to draw.

Fruit Patterns -

Who doesn't love a glass of cool lemonade or iced lemon tea on hot days? So, I just cannot not include this fruit in this one.

Well, if you like them, here is the download link. I hope you guys can have fun creating stuff with them. Before I end this post, I got a question for you: what is your favourite fruit you like to eat during summer?

Fontastic 05: Best Looking Ampersands (My Desktop Ed.)

18 July 2014

Fontastic 05: Best Looking Ampersands (My Desktop Ed.) -

I guess you guys already knew what ampersand is, right? If not, well...that's the symbol for "and". There! Now you know. :) I can clearly see that ampersand is pretty popular in design world. Oh, and internet loves and is obsessed with it. You can easily find it in logos, art prints, tattoos, interior design, jewelry, etc. Well, it's really no wonder. This symbol can make an interesting point in your design. 

At first, I wanted to show you a list of best looking ampersands among all free fonts out there. But, that's just crazy! There are so many of them. Ain't nobody got time for that! Haha. So, let's just take a look at fonts I got on my desktop.

Left to right:
Line 1 - Abril Fatface, Alegreya Sans SC, Arabella, Bacana, Caviar Dreams, Amaranth
Line 2 - Quicksand, Coolvetica, Walkway, CAC Champagne, Aguafina Script, Nixie One
Line 3 - Bernard, Elsie, Jacques Francois, Kingthings Calligraphica, Playfair Display, KG All New Things
Line 4 - Znikomit No 25, Euphoria Script, Ecolier, Dynalight, Glamor, Foglihten No 07
Line 5 - Riesling, Upper East Side, Yanone Kaffeesatz, odstemplik, Antic Didone, Lora.

Okay, I know thirty is a lot. But, each of them are unique and good-looking. I got stuck and couldn't bring myself to choose the best of these top 30 as I sorted them out of all free fonts I have. I hope you guys are all okay with this font overload that is happening right now on my blog. Now tell me, which one is your favourite? And are you obsessed with ampersand as well as the rest of the world?

Just for Fun: Youtube Channel

13 July 2014

Hola, guys! Since it's Sunday, I guess a light fun post is what we need. Am I right? Of course. ;)

You know that I still love TV, right? But, for the past few years I've been drawn to Youtube more. Well, it offers endless options of thing you could watch/listen to. From serious stuff for education to silly stuff people do for your entertainment. Not to mention it's free. And it's accessible for (almost) everyone everywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you could get lost into that blackhole and never come back. That's the beauty of Youtube.

And here are some of my favourite of favourite channels on Youtube. Enjoy!


Fun and killer pilates workout with a bubbly instructor. When we're watching Casey's videos, it seems like the workouts are so easy. I mean, most of the time all you need to do is to lie down or stand, then move some part of your body a bit. But, believe me, they are not easy. At all. Do this squat or this calves workout for example, and you will understand.

Luxy Hair

Quick and easy-to-follow tutorials for pretty everyday hairstyle, with a bonus exotic accent. Haha. Look at how cute this bun is? An alternative for your regular bun. Plus, it's super easy to do it. Or if you ever are running late and still want to get a fabulous hairstyle, then try this. You're welcome! ;) Sometimes Mimi - the stylist - also shares some useful hair tips such as how to blow dry wavy or how to tame frizzy hair.

Chriselle Lim

A fashion stylist that teaches you to use your clothes to the maximum whilst staying chic. Like how to wear 1 dress in 5 ways, get 14 looks with 7 basic pieces, or transform your maxi skirt into 5 styles. She also teaches you some basic fashion knowledge, for example: layering and mixing textures, mixing prints, or understanding and styling your own body. Oh I really love her sense of style.

Wong Fu Production

This is the place where I go to find romantic and comedy short films. Stranger Again and The Last are some of my favourites. For laughter, you should watch Technology Ruins Romance series. Tragically hilarious.


Comedy skit that is actually funny without using dirty jokes and excessive swearing. Ryan's 12 millions subscribers must tell you something, eh? My favourite videos from him to date are how to sing like your favourite artists, the official fake trailer of Candy Crush The Movie, Most Annoying People On Internet, and the classic Dude vs. Wild - The Dessert.

Fine Brothers

Kids, teens, elders, and Youtubers react to popular video, famous people, phenomena, technology, etc. Don't you feel old that these kids don't know what rotary phone is? Or how adorable the elders are when they react to Google glass. (Well, honestly I think my reaction would be the same as theirs.)

Alex Ikonn

Inspirational and motivational videos on getting better at life in general. When I'm too lazy to read blogs with the same genre, I come to Alex. Actually I'm always looking forward to his videos. His positive vibe is just contagious. He is the kind of guy that tells you that you are not special or that you should create inconveniences in your life. Of course, it's all for the sake of your well-being. 

I've noticed that there's no channel that dedicated to design and posts video regularly about it. Or am I just missing something here? I really do wish there will be somebody who creates it for us design enthusiast. That would be awesome!

Now it's sharing time! Do you guys have any recommended channels we all should subscribe to? :)

Blog Crush: Cocorrina

19 June 2014

What's up guys? I'm back with a new post for Blog Crush series! But, this time I decided to change its concept a little bit. So...rather than only talking about my favourite blogs in general, I want to focus more on design aspect. I hope later this series can be developed into some great resouce for blog design inspiration.

Blog Crush: Cocorrina |

What and Who?

Today on this renewed series I have Cocorrina blog, run by Corina - a talented graphic designer from Greece who is also an amazing jewelry designer. She specializes in business branding, packaging, and the likes. On her blog, she loves to share all inspiring things from design, to her work, fashion and life.

Why the crush?

Actually Corina just changed her blog design a couple weeks ago which I fell for at the first sight. I guess, you guys have seen loads of blog design with simplicty concept, black/white, handwriting on header, or bordered sidebar (as you can see on mine). But, honestly, I think Corina did manage to make hers standout. That is what I love about it.

She succeed to bring everything from her daily life to the design. Such as palm trees + blue colour that represent the island she lived in. The black + white that you often find in her outfit. Or the use of handwritten font that shows off her skill. I love when a designer could inject the blogger's personality into the blog. It's a really win. So, kudos to Corina for the achievement!

Blog Crush: Cocorrina |

I also like the way she used clickable dropdown to display some links on sidebar: the about page, topics, and her favourite blogs. That way, she could  keep the sidebar away from cluttering. Okay, still on sidebar, did you notice that all her sponsor banners are in one colour matching to the blog's palette? It looks as if they were part of the design. That is a brilliant idea! I might steal it for the future project someday. Haha

It's impossible not to mention Corina's killer graphics for her blogposts as one of many reasons I love the blog. Those graphics really added a bonus point for the entire blog. And makes the whole experience of browsing around it more eye-pleasing for her readers.

The Hottest Point

Can I just say that the whole design is really hot? No? Okay. Hmmm...I absolutely love the header + menu bar. For me, they're the hottest stuff on this blog. Let's take a look at the header first. I adore how the rather big palm trees just sit up there prettily without overwhelming the mood. Actually, it's blending so well with the clean + minimalist look of the blog. Also, I'm totally digging the unique handwriting for the logo. Isn't it gorgeous?

I think using two types of navigation bar is so clever. If you go to her blog, first thing you'll find is the header + menu together like usual. But then as you scroll down, the header + menu bar will change to the sticky navbar. Awesome trick! I seriously need to learn how to do that.

Blog Crush: Cocorrina |

Connect with the Blogger

Check her out and be friend: blog - jewelry shop - instagram - twitter - facebook.

So guys, what's your thought on Corina's blog design? Got a crush on it as well?