Fontastic 04: Font Tools

Fontastic 04: Font Tools |

What's up? Happy weekend, my darling friends! Whoa, I still can't get over the fact that May is almost over! And oh-em-gee, do you guys realize that we're in midyear already? Fantastic!

Speaking of fantastic, how about we end this month with a Fontastic post? Haha. Sounds great? Good. Let's begin! Well...last time I showed you how to pair sans serif with another sans serif. Did you find it helpful? I hope you did! :) Today I will try to share some useful font tools which you can find online and free.

What Font Is

Have you ever came across a print with fabulous fonts and you kinda wished if there was some kind of tool that could tell you what font it was? That What Font Is is all about. You just need to upload the picture of the font to the site, and then like magic it will show you the closest matches of the font you're looking for. So cool, right? Another alternative you can try is WhatTheFont! feature on MyFonts. 

Font In Use

It is kind of similar to What Font Is but not really. Err...huh? Yeah, while WFI allows you to identify a font by uploading the picture of it, the Font In Use is more like a database of typography used in any kind of graphic design work. There you can see how smart + creative people using fonts to create an interesting piece of work. A really great resource, and it's really inspiring!


You may or may not remember that I have mentioned this site before in another Fontastic post. You know, the one that I told you where to look for free fonts. Well, actually the free font is just a bonus. The main function of this site is to build typefaces using basic geometric shapes in a grid. If you have a secret passion on creating your very own fonts, I think you should totally give it a shot.

The Web Font Combinator

I really love this one. Especially because it's based on Google Fonts which I always use in every blog I design including this blog. This tool helps me to see which font would work with another before applying them in the design. SO handy! ;)

Thinking With Type

If you're thinking to get to know a bit more of typography but you don't really want to spend money on book, I'd suggest you to try this site. It covers some basic knowledge of the subject that is good enough for starter. After that, if you find yourself to be more intrigued by it, then you can start investing in books or courses.

I know there's a lot of font tools out there. But, I thought it's better to share the ones that I've actually tried or used. That way, if you have any questions, I may help you out. So, now it's your turn! Do you guys have any favourite font tools that we can add to the list? Please, do share! :)


  1. Fontastic indeed Yuni! Thank you for sharing this, very helpful. PS. I can't believe is June already!

    1. I know right? Time is really flying! Yay, glad you found it helpful! Thanks for stopping by, Maru. :)

  2. What a grate introduction to typography

  3. These are all such wonderful resources for beginners! Thinking with Type is one of my favorite type books. I'm so lucky to own a copy!

    1. Oh, you have the book? Awesome! I want a copy, too. It seems like an amazing book. Thank you for stopping by, Angel!


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