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Hola, guys! Since it's Sunday, I guess a light fun post is what we need. Am I right? Of course. ;)

You know that I still love TV, right? But, for the past few years I've been drawn to Youtube more. Well, it offers endless options of thing you could watch/listen to. From serious stuff for education to silly stuff people do for your entertainment. Not to mention it's free. And it's accessible for (almost) everyone everywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you could get lost into that blackhole and never come back. That's the beauty of Youtube.

And here are some of my favourite of favourite channels on Youtube. Enjoy!


Fun and killer pilates workout with a bubbly instructor. When we're watching Casey's videos, it seems like the workouts are so easy. I mean, most of the time all you need to do is to lie down or stand, then move some part of your body a bit. But, believe me, they are not easy. At all. Do this squat or this calves workout for example, and you will understand.

Luxy Hair

Quick and easy-to-follow tutorials for pretty everyday hairstyle, with a bonus exotic accent. Haha. Look at how cute this bun is? An alternative for your regular bun. Plus, it's super easy to do it. Or if you ever are running late and still want to get a fabulous hairstyle, then try this. You're welcome! ;) Sometimes Mimi - the stylist - also shares some useful hair tips such as how to blow dry wavy or how to tame frizzy hair.

Chriselle Lim

A fashion stylist that teaches you to use your clothes to the maximum whilst staying chic. Like how to wear 1 dress in 5 ways, get 14 looks with 7 basic pieces, or transform your maxi skirt into 5 styles. She also teaches you some basic fashion knowledge, for example: layering and mixing textures, mixing prints, or understanding and styling your own body. Oh I really love her sense of style.

Wong Fu Production

This is the place where I go to find romantic and comedy short films. Stranger Again and The Last are some of my favourites. For laughter, you should watch Technology Ruins Romance series. Tragically hilarious.


Comedy skit that is actually funny without using dirty jokes and excessive swearing. Ryan's 12 millions subscribers must tell you something, eh? My favourite videos from him to date are how to sing like your favourite artists, the official fake trailer of Candy Crush The Movie, Most Annoying People On Internet, and the classic Dude vs. Wild - The Dessert.

Fine Brothers

Kids, teens, elders, and Youtubers react to popular video, famous people, phenomena, technology, etc. Don't you feel old that these kids don't know what rotary phone is? Or how adorable the elders are when they react to Google glass. (Well, honestly I think my reaction would be the same as theirs.)

Alex Ikonn

Inspirational and motivational videos on getting better at life in general. When I'm too lazy to read blogs with the same genre, I come to Alex. Actually I'm always looking forward to his videos. His positive vibe is just contagious. He is the kind of guy that tells you that you are not special or that you should create inconveniences in your life. Of course, it's all for the sake of your well-being. 

I've noticed that there's no channel that dedicated to design and posts video regularly about it. Or am I just missing something here? I really do wish there will be somebody who creates it for us design enthusiast. That would be awesome!

Now it's sharing time! Do you guys have any recommended channels we all should subscribe to? :)


  1. I love Mimi's channel and I just subscribed to it! Thanks so much for these recommendations!

    1. Oh Carmia, that's great. Mimi's just amazing, right? I hope you will find those helpful and entertaining! :)

  2. The "Technology Ruins Romance" video made me crack up! Can't wait to watch the others!

    1. Haha...hilarious isn't it? That's probably my all-time favourite! Let me know what do you think about the others, Gloria!

  3. I'm following some of these but I'll definitely check out the rest! Thanks for recommendations! :) (It's a good thing you haven't featured Blogilates Cardio, now THOSE videos are killer! People would get too scared way too soon and would never discover how amazing her workouts are! haha)

    1. Haha..yeah, I deliberately chose the beginner-friendly one so people don't get too intimidated. You know exactly how daunting Casey's workouts are sometimes. Well, most of the time. Haha ;)


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