The Blogger

My name is Yuni - pronounced as 'uni' in unicorn. I am a blog designer + admirer of all things simple and pretty. Currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ultimately, I'm here to help people to prettify their blogs where they share their passions, tell stories of their lives, and express themselves to the world. 

(Because, like it or not, people do judge book by its cover. Don't let your not-so-attractive online presence prevent your amazingness to be discovered!)

That's all I am about.

The Blog

Yuniquely Sweet is my journal to record and track all the progress I've made on a journey of discovery the designer in me - hopefully, there's one! ;)

Here you will find all sort of stuff from my attempt to improve my skills + accomplish my mission. From digital works as freebies, to my latest blog design projects, and also fun stuff like cool fonts, pretty blogs and cute graphics

Well, I hope you like it here!

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